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Welcome to the Abraxas video gallery!

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In second place, here you can watch “Fake news, good news“, our second 8K 360º VR videoclip also directed by Juan Carlos Cembreros  (ScreenWarriors), an avant-garde experience that takes us directly to that dark and claustrophobic dystopia: the as real as surreal world of fake news:

With the play on words “Fake news, good news” (no news, good news), Abraxas gives birth to his second track, darker, more complex and convoluted than the previous advance, “Embrace capitalism (until it strangles you)”, taking an unexpected turn with the intention of demonstrating the sound richness and variety of this project that is still taking its first steps.


Our first videoclip, Embrace capitalism (until it strangles you) was released next September the 29th 2020 on Red Bull Music. Watch it here:

Embrace capitalism (until it strangles you)” is a simple, clear and forceful anti-capitalist message, based on famous quotes by so diverse personalities as Albert Einstein, Michael Moore or Henry Rollins from Black Flag, covered up among a tangle of electronic sounds, techno, darkwave, EBM and industrial music, with the aim of fulfilling the strange and challenging goal of making a large mass of public dance and later make them think about the messages that have consciously or unconsciously absorbed during the very human, trivial and necessary exercise of dancing in society.

In the video, directed by Juan Carlos Cembreros (ScreenWarriors) and starring the model Miranda Díez, the degradation of the Western individual to which capitalism itself submits with its subtle mechanisms that we all embrace with supposed happiness is represented in a hyper-explicit way, capturing this concept in a young and beautiful woman who ends up totally shattered and unhinged because in our society the youngest are the most susceptible to capitalist trickery and women in particular, the most disadvantaged in a still unbalanced balance between genders at all levels and, in addition to this, in a sad 21st century in which we are witnessing the tyranny of beauty and the hyper-sexualization of girls. Embrace capitalism, allow the exploitation of yourself and others. Watch your own suicide.


You can also watch in the Abraxas video gallery the project video-teaser:

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Hope you like it. Hope you dance it. Hope you think about it.

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