Your miserable fake flag is not your true homeland

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This Abraxas track intends to unmask all those false patriots, who embrace an imposed flag that represents the also imposed modern idea of nations and patriotism, through a sharp speech by the revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg. Modern states and its stupid followers commit all kind of crimes and atrocities under this false idea. We defend that the only and true homeland is the brotherhood and sisterhood between the worldwide working-class people, and the true fight shouldn’t be between countries, nations or cultures, but against upper social classes to abolish them and create a fairer World.

Included in the VA. “Tears for Fears 4” compilation on Soil Records. From EBM to electro through New Beat and Experimental.

40 artists, 4 tapes, hand numbered, engraved tapes, booklet, stickers and digital download. Including tracks from many international artists such as Years of Denial, Curses, Amato (The Hacker) & (Alessandro) Adriani, Raum, Meshes, Leroy Se Meurt or The 89st & Petra Flür to many valencian artists as SOJ, Lex-Or, Ximo Noguera, Slokto or the same Abraxas.

Listen to the full album here and buy the special edition (with tapes design with peach paper texture plus gold foil stamping) for the last compilation of the saga TFF. The artwork has been made by the based in London artist/designer Greta Haga.

Hope you like it. Hope you dance to it. Hope you think of it.

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Your miserable fake flag is not your true homeland

Artist :
Title : Your miserable fake flag is not your true homeland
Release Date : 25/12/2021
Label :
Format : Tape

Music by Abraxas. Recorded at Abraxas home studio (Alcoi). Mixed by Abraxas and José Rodríguez at Estudio Antimateria/Moog24 (Elx).
Original speech by the revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, performed by Barbara SukowaÅ in the movie “Rosa Luxemburg” by Margharete Von Trotta (1986).