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Abraxas manifesto

Here’s the Abraxas 10 point Manifesto:

  1. ABRAXAS is a totally independent and self-managed dark dance electronic music project.
  2. ABRAXAS is activism through music. It is promoting social, political, economical and environmental changes in our fucking capitalist society towards a greater good. It is to provide a sociopolitical message to dance electronic music, to understand it as it was in its beginnings, as a rebellious act and a way of questioning our society, arts and music itself. Electronic music used to be political, techno used to be a social struggle. Let’s restore that.
  3. ABRAXAS is a personal, political and artistic position that has the intention to contribute to creating a fairer world through social and personal self-criticism.
  4. ABRAXAS is shame, sorrow, pain and agony caused by the capitalist world in which we are all involved to a greater or lesser extent, a system from which no one can flee. And it is also love, passion and dedication to arts, music, counterculture and to humanity, resulting as a positive message hidden among other seemingly dark and negative messages.
  5. ABRAXAS is anti-capitalism, anti-establishment, anti-globalisation, alter-globalisation, anti-fascism, anti-militarism, anti-racism, anti-classism, anti-elitism, anti-sexism, anti-LGBTphobism and anti-any kind of harassment. It stands for equality, feminism and ecologism and fights against intersectionality and against all that we’ve been educated for. Abraxas stands for anarchism.
  6. ABRAXAS is capitalist tools and weapons to fight capitalism, such as communication methods, graphic design, marketing, advertising, modern digital entrepreneurship methodologies and strategies, modern mainstream aesthetics in music production, and eye catching audiovisuals in order to reach the largest possible audience.
  7. ABRAXAS is situationism, it is Détournement, which is defined as “turning expressions of the capitalist system and its media culture against itself”. It is taking objects created by the hegemonic political system, distorting its original meaning and using it to provoke a critical effect.
  8. ABRAXAS is philosophy and it is religion, it is Hermann Hesse’s Demian novel and it is also the ancient god Abraxas who represents both the Good and Evil, the light and the dark, the duality, extremes and contradictions as it is found in human nature. Abraxas is Dadá and Futurism, Fluxus and No Wave, Indie and Punk, Kraftwerk und Krautrock, Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, Frank Zappa i Ovidi Montllor, Suicide y Esplendor Geométrico, Einstürzende Neubauten and Swans, D.A.F. and Front 242, Devo and The Residents, Underground Resistance and Atari Teenage Riot, Aphex Twin and Burial.
  9. ABRAXAS is making a big audience dance thanks to its powerful audiovisual live experience while spreading clear, simple and easy understanding individual and social self-criticism messages to cause reflection on them, being totally conscious that any music, musician or musical movement in History has never changed the system, but being totally conscious that is possible influencing particular minds.
  10. ABRAXAS is the duality, extremes and contradictions inherent to the human being and to capitalist society. Abraxas is a contradiction itself.

Abraxas 10 point Manifesto
Demian Abraxas.
Oslo, november 2019.

Abraxas manifesto

Abraxas © 2020
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