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Dance electronic music //////////////// to shake bodies and minds ///////////

Welcome to Abraxas

WELCOME TO ABRAXAS! A dance electronic music project to shake bodies and minds! 
Abraxas is an electronic and techno music project whose aims are making as big as possible audience dance while shaking consciences spreading clear, simple and easy to understand individual and social self-criticism messages, always from the point of view of duality, extremes and contradiction, so inherent to the human being and to the capitalist society.

Read our Manifesto, visit About Abraxas and know how the character looks like to know more about the project and follow us on social media and streaming platforms to stay tuned!

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Abraxas on MixMag Spain nº0

Abraxas on MixMag Spain nº0!

“Hello Spain! We proudly present the first installment of Mixmag Spain. A special number focused on the music industry in Spain in the broadest sense. An issue with reports and in-depth interviews that seek to analyze and make visible the current state of the electronic music scene in our country. From the hand of different artists, journalists, PRs and with special reports prepared hand in hand with BIME PRO, Mixmag is presented for the first time in Spain and in Spanish.

And as we say on our cover, we are excited to be, from now on, #nearerthanever.”

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First radio interview on 808 Radio

Here you can listen to the full show including the first Abraxas radio interview ever on 808 Radio.

A programme with Ed Is DeadPublic EnemyFernanda ArrauAudiojack, Jimpster, Actress or the new Sonda project.First Abraxas radio interview on 808 Radio

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