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Dark dance electronic music ///// to shake bodies and minds

Welcome to Abraxas

WELCOME TO ABRAXAS! A dark dance electronic music project to shake bodies and minds! 

Abraxas is a halfway project between dark dance electronic music, philosophical reflection, socio-political activism and musical entrepreneurship. Its main goal is to shake bodies and minds by spreading messages of individual and social self-criticism from the point of view of duality, extremes and contradiction, inherent to the human being and capitalist society.

Read our Manifesto, visit About Abraxas and know how the character looks like to know more about the project and do not forget to follow us on social media and streaming platforms to stay tuned!

Again, welcome to Abraxas!
Hope you like it. Hope you dance to it. Hope you think of it. Dance. Think. Fight!

Abraxas © 2020
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